Aon Settles Overtime Suit for $10.5 Million

Last month, a federal judge in California approved a settlement between Aon Corporation and over 500 of its current and former employees. This settlement resolved a class action wage and hour lawsuit initially filed in September of 2007 by one of Aon's employees.

The initial suit alleged multiple violations of minimum wage and overtime laws. According to the allegations in the lawsuit, Aon failed to properly compensate its employees for overtime hours worked, failed to provide paid meal and rest breaks, failed to pay fired employees all wages owed, and committed numerous other violations. Aon claimed that the employees alleging violations of the law were not covered by these wage and hour laws. (To read more about the types of workers covered and not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act, an important federal wage and hour law, click here).

While Aon apparently fought this lawsuit every step of the way, in the end Aon agreed to a $10.5 million settlement with a class of Account Specialists, Relationship Specialists, Account Managers, Client Specialists, and Client Services Representatives. When asked about the settlement, one of the attorneys for the employees said, "We're extremely pleased with the result ... We have vindicated the rights of employees of Aon who were misclassified as exempt administrative employees, and we are pleased that our class members will receive substantial recovery for their unpaid overtime."

Minimum wage and overtime violations like these are very common. With the help of a competent overtime attorney, employees can utilize class action lawsuits to pressure employers into paying employees the compensation to which they are entitled. If you believe that your legal rights to fair compensation are being violated, or if you want to better understand your legal rights, you should contact a St. Louis overtime attorney.