Burlington Coat Factory Settles Wage and Hour Suit for $5.7 Million

Recently, a federal judge in California approved a settlement between Burlington Coat Factory and hundreds of its current and former employees. This settlement resolves a class action suit initially filed in September of 2009 by assistant store managers who worked at Burlington.

The initial suit alleged multiple violations of federal and state minimum wage and overtime laws. The Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA"), a federal law, requires most types of workers be paid at least the minimum wage for all hours spent working, and one-and-a-half times their regular rate of pay for all overtime hours worked (all hours over forty worked in a given workweek). Burlington allegedly violated the FLSA's overtime provision, at the time falsely telling their undercompensated employees that they were not covered by the FLSA (to read more about the types of workers covered and not covered by the FLSA, click here). The lawsuit also alleged several violations of California state wage and hour laws.

Minimum wage and overtime violations like these are very common. With the help of a competent overtime lawyer, employees can utilize class action lawsuits to pressure employers into paying employees the compensation to which they are entitled. If you believe that your legal rights to fair compensation are being violated, or if you want to better understand your legal rights, you should contact a St. Louis overtime attorney.