Riggan Law Firm Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Human Development Corporation

On November 11, 2011, Riggan Law Firm, LLC, a Missouri employment law firm, working in connection with Kuhlmann, LLC, filed a class action employment lawsuitagainst Human Development Corporation, a St. Louis-based company, as well as several of HDC's individual officers and directors.

The class action lawsuit alleges that HDC and its officers and directors committed numerous violations of the employment rights of HDC employees. Specifically, the Plaintiffs in the suit alleged that they performed work for several weeks in which they received no pay, in violation of the Missouri Minimum Wage Law and Missouri common law. The Plaintiffs also allege that HDC withheld certain amounts of money from employees' paychecks to pay for their health insurance, child support payments, garnishments, etc., yet HDC failed to use the withholdings for their intended purposes. As a result, the employees suffered adverse financial consequences. Of particular significance in this lawsuit is the alleged individual liability of certain officers and directors of HDC for an alleged breach of their fiduciary duties and other violations of law.

To read a copy of the lawsuit, click here. To read press coverage of the lawsuit by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, click here.