Riggan Law Firm Settles Class/Collective Action Overtime Lawsuit for $215,000

Recently, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri approved the settlement of a class/collective action wage lawsuit--filed by Riggan Law Firm, LLC--for the total amount of $215,000. The lawsuit was originally filed in September 2011 on behalf of a group of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who worked for Natoli Engineering Company, a St. Louis-based company that manufactures and sells tablet compression products and services to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, confectionary, and veterinary industries. In the lawsuit, the CSRs alleged that they were unlawfully misclassified as exempt from overtime pay, that they worked more than forty (40) hours per week, and that they were not properly compensated with overtime pay as required by law.

Pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Agreement, the Plaintiff Class (consisting of 32 CSRs spread across two separate sub-classes) will recover $99,620.52 of the $215,000.00 Gross Settlement Amount, which included an incentive award to the lead/representative Plaintiff for her services as the class representative. Counsel for the Plaintiff Class, which includes both Riggan Law Firm, LLC and Sowers & Wolf, LLC, will receive an award of attorneys' fees in the amount of $112,997.50 and litigation costs in the amount of $2,381.98.

After holding a hearing to inquire into the fairness of the settlement, the Court found that the settlement reached by the parties was fair, adequate, and reasonable.