Russ Riggan Discusses Overtime Wage Dispute in Article

Attorney Riggan from our firm has been cited in an article that discusses the rise in overtime and wage disputes. Oil Express released the article "Industry Targeted Over Wages" in the legal section of Vol. XXXVII, Issue No. 20 to bring to light the current labor law issues that are being discussed. Russ Riggan has gained his credibility to be quoted on this issue through the decade he spent representing management in employment law cases. Now, he represents individuals on the employee side and has been doing so for three years. As a result, he understands both sides of the spectrum and has the inclination to respond to this situation.

He discusses the "hot topic" in labor law litigation right now where the definition of a salaried employee is in question. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exempts workers who are classified as managers or administrators from overtime pay. The debate involves whether the employee is actually performing the specific duties that would consider her or him a manager.

He then takes measures to define what a manager who is exempt from overtime laws is and states that they would need to have a part in hiring and firing decisions. For a worker to be considered an administrator, the employee would need to have the ability and reign to make "key, strategic" decisions for the operations of the company.

In the article, Attorney Riggan makes a strong point that, typically, his clients do not begin their time with him by complaining about overtime. They instead begin by discussing concerns of mistreatment or discrimination. The article continues to discuss various circumstances where class-action and collective action lawsuits have been filed regarding workers who did not receive overtime pay that they deserved.

At Riggan Law Firm, LLC, you can receive the legal help you deserve for any wrongs that are committed against you, even those involving overtime issues. The firm has nearly 20 years of combined experience representing the rights of individuals who are facing complex litigation matters with their employer. They can discuss your case with you and provide you with the resources you need! Contact the employment law attorneys serving St. Louis today to receive the quality assistance you need as you face a labor law issue.