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Russ Riggan Selected for the 2018 Best Lawyers in America List

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Our firm is proud to announce that Attorney Russ Riggan has been named in the 2018 Best Lawyers in America list. Attorney Riggan has been awarded for his hard work and dedication in representing clients in employment law issues. With more than a decade of legal experience, he has passionately guided clients through the complex employment law system in the state of Missouri. His commitment to excellence has paid off, and he is honored to receive this award.This prestigious title is not given out lightly. There is a thorough, intense screening process where candidates are reviewed by recognized attorneys in their field. The Best Lawyers organization has used the same methodology for 30+ years in choosing candidates, and prides itself on using the highest quality peer-review process to select candidates.The entire process consists of 5 steps:

  1. Nomination. Candidates can be nominated by anyone except themselves. They must be submitted for their talent in a specific Best Lawyers publication, and their information will appear for confidential peer review. If they receive enough positive reviews, they will be invited to participate in the selection process in the following research cycle.
  2. Peer Review. Each candidate’s information is reviewed in a confidential process by currently recognized attorneys. The reviewers will provide feedback to the organization. Generally, the feedback focuses on the caliber of the candidate’s work in the legal field.
  3. Analysis of feedback. The results of the peer review are collected and examined by the organization. Each candidate’s feedback is looked at for positive reviews and number of votes. The organization will then use this feedback to make determinations about which candidates can proceed to the next step.
  4. Eligibility check. Once a candidate passes through the peer review stage, the organization will conduct an eligibility check. This process will reveal each candidate’s status with their local bar associations. If candidates are shown to be in good standing with their local bar associations, and have received enough votes, they will proceed on to the final stage.
  5. Release of results. The organization will release the final results publically. Each firm and candidate will be notified of the award, and the recipients will be recognized in both print and online publications. This final step draws public attention to the status and award of each law firm and attorney.

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At Riggan Law Firm, LLC, our Missouri employment attorneys provide compassionate and aggressive representation to clients in employment law issues. With a commitment to providing excellent legal services in Missouri, Attorney Riggan has received the recognition of other prominent attorneys. Our firm celebrates his hard work and tireless dedication to his clients. We are excited for his selection in this prestigious list.

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