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Breach of Written Employment Contracts

Employment Law in Missouri

In some cases, an employer enters into a written contract with an employee and then breaches the agreement when it is no longer convenient to honor the agreement's terms. An employer may even violate the agreement's terms under the assumption that you, the employee, will not retain legal counsel to enforce your rights.

An employment agreement may impose one or more obligations on the employer, such as:

  • That the employee remain employed for a specified period of time
  • That the employee be paid at a certain level of compensation and / or benefits
  • That the employee only be terminated for designated reasons (i.e., for cause)
  • That the employee be provided with advance notice and / or an opportunity to correct any perceived performance deficiencies before the employer may terminate the agreement
  • That the employer must provide the employee with severance pay of a certain amount and / or for a certain period of time

If your employer has breached your employment agreement, you may have a legal claim for damages. The laws defining employment in Missouri can be confusing and difficult to understand, but with the assistance of Riggan Law Firm, you may be able to reach a favorable outcome in in your employment contract dispute.

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