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How a Missouri Employment Law Attorney Can Help

Oftentimes, your employer may end your employment relationship abruptly, against your wishes, and with little or no advance notice to you. In addition to dealing with the emotional and financial consequences of being terminated, you may have to deal with legal obstacles as well. In exchange for paying you severance money, your employer may expect you to sign a severance agreement in which you are expected to waive your legal rights and release potentially valuable employment claims.

Sometimes the amount of pay being offered by the employer is far less than the value of the claim or claims being waived by the employee.

Typically, employees in this kind of situation simply take the severance money and sign the release because they are desperate and / or because they do not understand the law or their rights. Before you waive any rights or release any potential claims, Riggan Law Firm can review your proposed severance agreement and provide you with advice and counsel as to how to end your employment relationship on the best possible terms.

In addition to considerations relating to a severance agreement, you may have signed certain other contracts that limit or restrict your post-employment activities, such as a non-compete agreement, non-solicitation agreement, and / or confidentiality agreement. Employees who are leaving a company, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, and who have signed any such agreements may need legal counsel in order to fully understand their legal rights and obligations. Such legal counsel can be helpful not only in negotiating exit terms with the employer you are leaving but also in searching for and / or obtaining new employment.

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about severance agreements read our Severance FAQ.

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