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Religious Discrimination

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Religious discrimination involves unfavorable treatment of applicants or employees because of their religious beliefs. An employee does not necessarily have to belong to a traditional religion (such as Christianity) as long as the employee's beliefs are sincerely held and are religious, ethical, or moral in nature. Religious discrimination can also involve discrimination against someone who is associated with a person or group – or married to a person – of a certain religion.

Employers may not use a person's religion to make adverse personnel decisions with respect to any term or condition of employment, including but not limited to decisions based on:

  • Hiring
  • Termination
  • Compensation / benefits
  • Promotions
  • Training

An employee cannot be forced to participate or not participate in a religious activity as a condition of employment. The law clearly prohibits workplace harassment based on religion. Adverse conduct based on an employee's religion becomes legally actionable if it creates a hostile work environment or results in an adverse personnel decision, such as termination or demotion.

Employers Must Provide Reasonable Accommodation for Religion

An employer is required to provide a reasonable accommodation for an employee's religious beliefs and practices. A reasonable accommodation may include time off of work and / or changes in the work schedule for attendance at religious ceremonies. Reasonable accommodation may also include tolerance of a particular religious-based appearance or dress, even if the employee would otherwise be in violation of a work rule or policy. An employer is excused from the obligation to provide a reasonable accommodation if it can show undue hardship on the operation of its business.

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