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Common Overtime Violations

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Overtime Violations

Understanding Employment Law in Missouri

Do you feel that you have been wronged by an employer? You may be entitled to receive compensation. When you work with an attorney from Riggan Law Firm, LLC, you will be working with dedicated and highly experienced Missouri employment law attorneys who always strive to provide you with reasonable and amicable resolutions to your employment law case.

Contact Riggan Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible if you find that your employer has been in violation of any of the following overtime conditions:

  • You were required to work during off-the-clock hours and were not compensated
  • Your tip pool was improperly divided
  • You are a tipped employee who is not being paid minimum wage
  • You were misclassified as an independent contractor
  • You are a commissioned employee who is considered non-exempt and entitled to minimum wage
  • You were working during unpaid breaks
  • You were denied overtime pay for time worked in addition to regular hours
  • You were reclassified to be unentitled to overtime or compensation
  • You were paid the same hourly rate for overtime even though you are entitled to 1.5 times your original rate of pay
  • Your employer fails to compensate you for “on-call” hours
  • You were misclassified as exempt from overtime pay

How do I file a lawsuit in Missouri or Illinois?

If you feel that you were wronged in any manner because of an employer, then it is crucial that you work with an attorney to obtain the legal compensation that you deserve. At Riggan Law Firm, LLC, the attorneys stand ready to provide you with outstanding legal representation and can aggressively pursue a favorable outcome for your case.

There is no need to try to face the court system alone; when you work with Riggan Law Firm, LLC, you will be guided throughout the entire legal process by dedicated and knowledgeable attorneys. Contact the firm today to retain a trusted Missouri employment law attorney.

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