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Sexual harassment is a form of discriminatory behavior that affects thousands of individuals each year. Male and female employees alike are harassed and face uncomfortable work environments because of this behavior from employers and/or coworkers.

If you have experienced a form of sexual harassment in the workplace that has negatively impacted your job performance and well-being, you have the right to take legal action against the inflictor. The employment attorneys at Riggan Law Firm, LLC firmly believe in your right to a healthy and safe work environment, and they will fight aggressively for your anti-discrimination rights as a victim of sexual harassment.

Types of Sexual Harassment

Victims of sexual harassment may experience a wide range of discriminatory behavior in the workplace, including:

  • Verbal or Written Harassment – Inappropriate comments about a person's body or clothing; asking a person out on an unwanted date; crude jokes or spreading rumors; threatening a person if they do not perform a sexual act; or implying that sexual favors are desired.
  • Non-verbal Harassment – Inappropriate eye contact, facial expressions, stalking, or rude gestures that are sexual in nature.
  • Visual Harassment – Photos, emails, or any media that can suggest sexual acts or favors.
  • Physical Sexual Harassment – Often the most threatening form of sexual harassment, this can include sexual assault, unwanted touching or groping, hugs, taps, and/or tugging of a person's clothes.

Under federal law, all discriminatory and sexual harassment is forbidden, and employers are responsible for preventing and handling sexual harassment cases that occur while an employee is on the job. So, if you have been wrongfully victimized and harassed, you are not only protected from discrimination and harassment but also from retaliation by your employer for reporting such harassment. You have the right to file a complaint or speak up about the harassment you’ve endured, whether to your HR department or state or federal agencies, and your employer is not allowed to retaliate against you in any manner (termination or demotion) if you do so.

Enlist the Help of Riggan Law Firm, LLC to Safeguard Your Rights

No one should work in an environment that is dangerous and uncomfortable. If you or a loved one are dealing with sexual harassment at work, it is vital that you contact an attorney as soon as possible. By retaining the representation of the firm's dedicated team, you can appropriately file a claim against your employer or the individual who has been harassing you. The attorneys at Riggan Law Firm, LLC stand ready to provide you with outstanding legal assistance in your case of sexual harassment.

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