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What Are Your Rights?

Your Legal Rights Regarding Employment Law

As an employee, you have various rights. It is important that you understand these rights and that you take any necessary legal action in order to ensure that these rights are upheld. Many circumstances can arise in which your rights may be violated, and when violations occur, you need to seek skilled representation for your case. Attorneys at Riggan Law Firm understand the difficulties associated with your situation, and you can be sure that they will fight to see that your rights are protected.

Your rights under employment law include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

  • The right to fair wages: The state of Missouri has a minimum wage law as of 2013 of $7.35 per hour. In Illinois, the minimum wage as of 2013 is $8.30 per hour. If you are being paid less than minimum wage, or if you are not receiving adequate compensation for overtime hours, then your rights may have been violated.
  • The right to a harassment-free and discrimination-free workplace: Sadly, there are many cases of employers and co-workers discriminating against other employees or potential employees based on race, gender, age, disability, pregnancy, national origin, religion and many other issues. Action can be taken to address such improper conduct.
  • The right to report illegal actions: If your employer is acting in an illegal manner, then you have the right to report this behavior without fear of discrimination. When you are discriminated or retaliated against for whistle-blowing, then you need legal representation on your side.

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